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Mrs. Finlon's Web Page
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Leap into third grade with Mrs. Finlon!

A teacher is someone who sees each child as a unique person
and encourages individual talents and strengths.

A teacher looks beyond each child's face and sees inside their souls.

A teacher is someone with a special touch and a ready smile
who takes the time to listen to both sides and always tries to be fair.

A teacher has a caring heart that respects and understands.

A teacher is someone who can look past disruption and rebellion,
and recognize hurt and pain.

A teacher teachers the entire child
and helps to build confidence and raise self-esteem.

A teacher makes a difference in each child's life and affects each family
and the future of us all.
~Barbara Cage

I will be happy to meet and discuss any concerns that you may have regarding your child.  
I can be reached at 255-8760 ext. 2785.  I am usually available from 7:45am until 4:00pm.  
The best time would be to call before 8:30am or between 9:35-10:15.

You may also contact me through email:

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