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Colleen Miles' First Grade Web Page
Please contact me at 255-8760, ext. 2777
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Welcome to the world of
First Grade Fun!


This page is designed to keep you informed about our classroom activities, expectations
for first grade and general information!  Enjoy this with your child!

It is my desire to provide each child in my classroom with the best education possible.  
First grade readiness is the combined result of daily experiences,
home involvement and each child's unique rate of growth.  
This rate of growth differs significantly from child to child and includes
physical maturity, academic growth and social/interactive skills.
Each first grader will be considered and respected as an individual person.
Each child will have individualized goals including:

  • Feeling good about himself/herself.
  • Relating appropriately to peers in structured and unstructured settings.
  • Displaying self control.
  • Accepting rules and routine of the classroom.
  • Sitting and listening courteously.
  • Listening to and following through with directions.
  • Following safety rules.
  • Respecting rights and property of others.
  • Trying new things.
  • Speaking clearly using complete sentences.
  • Mastering first grade skills outlined in reading and math series.
  • Demonstrating independent work skills.
  • Meaningful interaction and participation in group learning activities.

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